The title of the documentary comes from the name of the second breast cancer awareness sculpture from Oklahoma City artist, Kendall Howerton. The sculpture is a representation of the pink breast cancer ribbon cast from the body of a survivor who has undergone a mastectomy. Kendall’s first sculpture, “Awareness,” was cast from a healthy individual. Kendall is currently searching for a model for his third and final piece entitled “Freedom.” This will be a lifecast of a terminal breast cancer patient. He wants to immortalize her and give the world a tangible 3D image to look at and think about as it sears into their minds for life.  Visit his web site at for more information about his work.

Kendall's 3D Customs is a diverse, full service custom shop that specializes in mixing the skills of an artisan and the creativity of an artist together. These two elements bring great success to the table for the design and development of architectural components, casting, decor, furniture, and theme work. We provide many services to our clients such as consulting, design, casting, lifecasting, modeling, mold making, restoration,and sculptural work. This is a short list of services that when brought together have the ability to accomplish some very outstanding pieces for our clients regardless of the size of the job.

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Kendall's 3D Customs is a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness through the art form of lifecasting. If you would like to contribute to this cause in the form of modeling or through  sponsorship please contact us.